Three Strong Associations

All three Scandinavian beekeeper associations are founded back in the 19th century. But a corporation between beekeepers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark was established before then. The cooperation between the beekeepers and the associations in Scandinavia has a long tradition.

The associations are in a good development. Each of the associations has a professional secretariat with a staff of employees. Activities and projects in all three associations are increasing and the number of members have grown fast during several years, and just over the last ten years memberships have increased with around 50 %. Today the three Scandinavian beekeeper associations consist of approximate 28.000 beekeepers. It means that nearly all beekeepers in Scandinavia are organized in one of the three associations.

This positive development is especially caused by a strong local commitment in several hundred local beekeeping clubs where beekeepers meet for various activities and social gatherings. But it is in particular also the result of a great focus on training of beekeepers. There are courses for both the new beekeepers as well as the experienced ones.